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Welcome to 3cross!

3cross Fermentation Cooperative is Massachusetts' first community-owned brewery. Our 5,500 square foot space in the basement of 26 Cambridge Street houses a spacious taproom, a small nano-brewery setup and lots of space for expansion. While beer is the core of our business here at 3cross, we have plans for a variety of other fermented foods and drinks in the future. Since the business is owned by you, our customers, we keep our focus on serving our local community. It's unlikely that you'll ever see 3cross beer sold too far from Worcester.

Our name references the classic spoke lacing pattern for a bicycle wheel and you'll find elements of bicycle lore and culture throughout the brewery. Since we're cyclists as well as beer lovers, we aim to make 3cross the ideal place to end your next ride. Of course, we also aim to be the perfect place for anyone to enjoy a fresh, local beer.

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What is a Cooperative? Glad you asked...

A cooperative is a democratically owned and controlled business that exists to serve its members needs and aspirations. Cooperative businesses are owned and run by and for their members and a share in the profits and decision making.

Here at 3cross, the business is owned both by its workers and its consumers (that's you!). Each group elects representatives to the Board of Directors to help steer the business, with input from the membership as a whole. Unlike a traditional corporation, each member has an equal vote in the affairs of the cooperative, regardless of the amount of their capital investment. In the case of really important decisions (like changing the business's core mission), all members have an equal say in the final outcome.

Why would I want to become a Member?

Beyond having a say in the direction of a business you patronize and having an opportunity to serve on the Board, members will receive a 20% discount on merchandise purchases along with the special perks below.

Annual Meeting and Celebration

Once a year, we'll hold our Annual Meeting to elect the Board of Directors and vote on important decisions. It won't be just a meeting though, there'll be plenty of time to socialize and celebrate another year!

Quarterly Members-Only Beer

Once a quarter we'll randomly select a member to help design and brew a beer of their choosing. They'll be free to have as much involvement as they like - from simply selecting a style to actually putting on some brewer's boots and cleaning out the mash tun. Once the beer is ready, it will be available for members to purchase at cost.

Patronage Dividends

In years when the business has profits remaining after necessary reinvestment, members will receive a dividend in proportion to their purchases with the coop. Some portion of this dividend will be in cash and some portion may be in the form of increased investment in the coop.

Charity of the Month

Since we have a no tips policy here at 3cross, we donate any cash left on the bar each month to a designated charity. As a member you'll be able to suggest and vote on which charity that money goes to.

I'm sold! How do I join?

The first step is to fill out our membership application here on our website. Once you've completed that you'll just need to make a $150 equity contribution. We'd prefer to have you come in to the taproom to do that (we want to get to know you!), but we understand that's not possible for some. If that's the case, we'll send you a link to make your equity contribution online by credit card.

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Find Our Beer on Draught

Find 3cross beers on draught at these fine establishments in Worcester.

BirchTree Bread Company

138 Green St #5
Worcester, MA

The Boynton Restaurant & Spirits

117 Highland St
Worcester, MA

Brew City

104 Shrewsbury Street
Worcester, MA

Buck's Whiskey & Burger Bar

62 Green Street
Worcester, MA

Central House

44 South Street
Westborough, MA

Central Tree Bar & Grill

249 Main Street
Rutland, MA

Civic Kitchen and Drink

121 West Main Street
Westborough, MA

deadhorse hill

281 Main St
Worcester, MA

Depot Street Tavern

45 Depot Street
Milford, MA

Eagles of Leominster

456 Litchfield Street
Leominster, MA

Flip Flops

680 Main Street
Holden, MA

Goodstuff Smokehouse

97 Main Street
Blackstone, MA

Grafton Inn

25 Central Street
Grafton, MA

The Hangover Pub

102 Green St
Worcester, MA

Juniper Hill Golf Course

202 Brigham Road
Northborough, MA


428 Lancaster Street
Leominster, MA

Lucia's Tavola

31 Main Street
Ayer, MA

Nashoba Restaurant

14 Central Avenue
Ayer, MA

Recess Take 2

216 West Boylston Street
West Boylston, MA

Smokestack Urban Barbecue

139 Green Street
Worcester, MA

Find Our Beer in Cans

Find cans of 3cross beer at these stores in the Worcester area.

Acton Wine & Spirit

305 Main Street
Acton, MA

Andersons Variety

266 Blackstone Street
Blackstone, MA

Apple Country Market

159 Mechanics Street
Clinton, MA

Auburn Package Store

196 Auburn Street
Auburn, MA

Austin Liquors

117 Gold Star Blvd
Worcester, MA

Austin Liquors

20 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA

Austin Liquors

212 North Main Street
Natick, MA

Belmont Liquors

108 Belmont Street
Worcester, MA

Central Package

57 South Maple Street
Brookfield, MA

Colony One

683 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA

Fifth Ave Liquors

235 Old Connecticut Path
Framingham, MA

Five Star Liquors

197 Worcester Street
Grafton, MA

Friendly Discount Liquors

1167 Providence Road
Whitinsville, MA

H&B Wines & Liquors

725 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA

Hank's Package Store

94 East Main Street
Webster, MA

Hickey Town Liquors

40 Maple Avenue
Shrewsbury, MA

Highland Liquors

121 Highland Street
Worcester, MA

Holden Discount Liquors

673 Main Street
Holden, MA

Hometown Wine & Liquors

240 Main Street
Oxford, MA

Julio's Liquors

140 Turnpike Road
Westborough, MA

Marlborough Wine & Spirits

44 Boston Post Road West
Marlborough, MA

Mass Liquors

392 Chandler St
Worcester, MA

McKinlay's Liquors

624 Main Street
Holden, MA

Nipmuc Liquors

35 Thompson Road
Webster, MA

O'Hara's Wine & Spirits

402 West Boylston St
Worcester, MA

Paired, Poured & Plated

290 W Main St
Northborough, MA

Park 'n Shop

711 Southbridge Street
Auburn, MA

Paxton Liquors

683 Pleasant Street
Paxton, MA

Pour Richards Wine & Spirits

14 Grove Street
Franklin, MA

Provo Discount Liquors

282 Dedham Street
Norfolk, MA

Richdale Convenience

1454 Grafton Street
Worcester, MA

Rutland Marketplace

26 Pommogussett Road
Rutland, MA

Sherborn Market

21 South Main Street
Sherborn, MA

The Spirit Shoppe

143 West Main Street
West Brookfield, MA

Stan's Liquors

1586 South Main Street
Athol, MA

Ted's Package

27 Worcester Road
Charlton, MA

The Thirsty Lab

206 Worcester Road
Princeton, MA

Total Wine & More

87 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, MA

Total Wine & More

321 Speen Street
Natick, MA

The Vin Bin

91 Main Street
Marlborough, MA

The Vin Bin

22 South Street
Hopkinton, MA

The Vin Bin

154 Turnpike Road
Southborough, MA

Wachusett Wine & Spirits

21 Franklin Street
West Boylston, MA

Webster Wine & Spirits

57 Main Street
Webster, MA

Westborough Cork & Grain

2 West Main Street
Westborough, MA

The Wine Vine

142 Highland Street
Worcester, MA

Worcester Discount Liquors

254 Mill Street
Worcester, MA

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Sustainability isn't just a buzz word.

3cross isn't just about brewing beer and supporting our local community. We also want to make sure that we steward our natural resources for the enjoyment of all. Brewing beer can have a significant environmental impact due to large water, electrical and fossil fuel requirements. Here's what we're doing to try to minimize or mitigate our impact on the planet.

Giving Back

Working together with 1% for the Planet, we have committed to donating 1% of all of our sales to non-profit organizations whose missions are in areas of critical environmental impact: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife.

So far, 3cross has donated to the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike), the Regional Environmental Council and Worcester Earn-A-Bike. MassBike and Worcester Earn-A-Bike work within our city and our state to promote cycling as a fun and eco-friendly mode of transportation and recreation. The REC works to secure access to fresh, healthy food for everyone.

Green Energy

Via a partnership with the Mass Energy Consumers Alliance, 3cross offsets 100% of it's electrical usage with the purchase of Class 1 RECs from wind power generated in Massachusetts. By doing this we're helping to make the local electric grid greener, faster.

Waste Management

Breweries generate a lot of waste in the form of grain solids that have been used, but still contain nutrients. We give our spent grains to local farms to use as feed for livestock, keeping them out of the landfill.

Responsible Purchasing

When making decisions regarding which products we purchase to run our business, we always consider environmental impact. All of these decisions are important, from little things like paper goods (we purchase 100% recycled) to more impactful ones like our malted barley (the bulk of which is malted without the use of fossil fuels).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the bikes?

Our name references the classic spoke lacing pattern for a bicycle wheel and you'll find elements of bicycle lore and culture throughout the brewery. Since we're cyclists as well as beer lovers, we aim to make 3cross the ideal place to end your next ride.

Do you make gluten-free beer?

No we don't. Sorry.

Can I purchase a gift card?

Sure, we have gift cards available for sale in the taproom.

Can you donate beer/merchandise/money to my charitable event/organization?

We're a very small operation but are commited to giving back to our community. We have made the commitment through 1% for the Planet to donate 1% of all our sales to non-profit organizations that benefit environmental causes. If you are a 1%ftP non-profit member and would like to work with us, get in touch. Unfortunately, we aren't able to make donations to other organizations at this time and due to the volume of donation requests we receive we are not able to respond to requests for donations from organizations not afiliated with 1%ftP.

I own a bar/restaurant/package store and I'd like to carry your beer. Can I buy kegs/bottles?

Sure, give us a shout and we'll get you some beer.

I'm looking for a job in the brewing industry. Are you hiring?

Not right now. We'll post any job openings on our website when they are available.

I have a great product or service that would benefit your business. Who do I talk to about purchasing it?

You may send information about your product or service to If we are interested we will respond promptly. Unfortunately, due to the number of requests we receive of this nature, we are not able to respond to requests that are not a good fit for our business. Please do not send emails to other email addresses within our organization, please do not send multiple requests, and please do not subscribe us to your mailing list. Any of these actions will result in us ignoring all of your communications and reporting your messages as spam.

I have another question that isn't answered above.

Sounds interesting! Send us an email and we'll do our best to answer.

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Get in Touch

Have you checked out our FAQ? We receive many inquires and most of the common questions are answered there. Please give it a look. We're a small operation, so we are unable to respond individually to questions that are addressed in the FAQ. We need to spend our time making beer!

3cross Fermentation Cooperative
26 Cambridge Street
(4 Knowlton Ave for your GPS)
Worcester, MA 01603

Press Inquiries

Please send press inquiries to
Please note that messages sent to this address of a non-press nature will be ignored and reported as spam.
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3cross Membership Application


Please fill out this application with your information. If you'd like to give a membership as a gift, you can purchase a gift card in the amount of the membership fee, but the recipient must fill out the application themselves.

Affimation of No Other Beneficial Interest

Terms and Conditions

Age Verification


Processing application...

There was an error while submitting your application. Please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience. If this error persists, please send us an email at

Your application has been received. Next time you're in the taproom let us know you've completed the application and we'll process your payment.

Your application has been received. We'll send you an invoice to pay your equity contribution soon.